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for kemi’s birthday auggie took her to some empty vacant restaurant and there was a table was some really aged whiskey and all her favorite foods and they ate and then he was all “let me give you a tour” and she was all “this white boy crazy this place is empty” and then he showed her around and when they got to the kitchen he was all “get to cooking, kemi” and she was ready to slap him but he pulled out the paperwork saying they owned the building and it was her restaurant that he bought for her

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Kemis birthday is in two days…ahem. she wants presents.

Honestly it’s times like this when the mass opinion of the american public irritates the fuck out of me. I’m currently sitting in west africa, in a country who has been lucky so far regarding the outbreak of Ebola in the region. This outbreak has been going on for a while, but hasn’t been in the news at all. Over 600 people have died- some American. The second this happened, CNN wants to cover it and people want to talk about it. Like before American citizens died, African lives were of no value, on a global stage. Now half of my American friends on twitter are freaking out because they are bringing back patients to the united states. These patients are going to be in containment pods- the rig up is something out of star wars, seriously. But us for us. The ordinary african, we will sit here and hope that the governments get a handle on it, that people are educated about the disease and that we do not die— that we are worthy of a conversation without the west’s minor casualties being brought into the discussion. It’s sad that compared to many of you I rp with my life often means nothing. The lives of African men, women and children are symbolically sidelined… But I suppose that has always been our history, no matter how wrong it is.


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Rihanna steps out for dinner at her favorite NYC spot Da Silvano.

Rihanna steps out for dinner at her favorite NYC spot Da Silvano.

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okay i need to go nap nap now. I have job-by things tomorrow. wish me luck. I love you all. this gmt thing is throwing me for a loop lmao