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Adoration of the way your  L I P S  fit perfectly against mine

   Never failing to crave the chill  y o u  send down my spine

      Deafened by your heart beating against my { chest }

         Immortal  p a s s i o n  lit the fire that keeps burning

            Everlasting love until the world   S T O P S   turning

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Leigh-Anne being the most adorable cupcake in the background    ^ω^

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New York (Jul. 29)

New York (Jul. 29)

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The rhythm between their bare bodies was matched quickly as they moved as one. The heat radiating off of them was nothing short of blissful for the reaper. It had been much too long for him—Too long since he had last made love to someone. The woman beneath him had claimed that part of him that had gone neglected for so long but Nero knew this was only the beginning. With his lips still suckling and nipping ever so lightly at Andie’s neck, the immortal’s hips rolled with hers to drive himself slowly over the spot that Andie so vocally pointed out to him. Between the slick tightness around him and the digging of nails into his back, the reaper’s groans were muffled against his lover’s neck. But those very lips soon found themselves connected to Andie’s once more, and a single hand found its way into her hair to let his fingers curl into the locks that he loved so dearly. The murmuring of those three words that he ached to hear had Nero’s lips parting as he claimed Andie’s lower lip between his own. Those words did things to him—They lit a fire inside him that had been snuffed out for two millennia. He didn’t deserve to be loved…Not in his mind and yet, there Andie was, giving her everything to him while not even truly knowing what…or who he was. “You’re so tight—“ His hips drove deeper, purposely teasing the sweet spot that had Andie reacting so well. He returned the very words she had spoken to him and they were met with a genuine smile that began to creep up on him. She felt perfect around him—As if she were made to fit him like nobody else. And while his hips rolled to bring Andie as much pleasure as he could, the hand that had previously been propping himself up above her shifted to let his fingertips tease over her supple breasts while lowering his other forearm to keep his weight from crashing down on her smaller frame.

She couldn’t stop murmuring his name, the cadence of her own words increasing with each perfectly timed thrust. She couldn’t think- she could only feel her own tightly held baggage slipping out of her grasp, her sense of self became wrapped in him- she could only feel the connection. There was no time to question wether her dependence was healthy- it all didnt matter. She arched to his touch as his hand teased her over heated skin, grasping at her warm breast, her nipples pebbling under his attention. She couldn’t last long like this, and yet she was enjoying it- the pace holding her right at the peak of pleasure, his skin sliding smoothly against hers as the waves built and ebbed, and then started building again, pleasurable heat zinging up her spine. “I- I’m… I’m-so close-” Her words were clumsy, falling from her lips in desperation she was sure her moans echoed. She loved this man- so much of him. Especially now, like this. She cupped his cheek in her palm and kissed him hungrily. “Mine..Mine…” Her own possesiveness was getting the best of her now, as her body was reduced to nothing more than base pleasure, her orgasm so close she could taste it, as she mumbled his name again. “Nero—” She barely managed his name before his next thrust drew a scream from her, his name echoing off the walls as the torturously built orgasm washed over her. Her body arched, her legs tightening around his waist, as she tried to drive him deeper- tried to keep the fullness of the moment, the pleasure that filled her body- him that brought it about, she was sure she’d left marks down his back. When the orgasm ebbed, she shivered around him,murmuring soft I love you’s against his lips as her hips continued moving.

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down the rabbit hole (part 2)




Haven listened intently to what Jazmine had been explaining, but only felt like there was one cause. Even if whoever did it had no knowledge about Haven and what he does, or their intentions wasn’t ultimately to hurt him, he’d still have their head when he finds out who. He meant that. He takes people he cares about getting hurt very seriously so yeah, Kemi won’t have to worry about that person again. “Yeah. She wouldn’t just fall, but then again she was a bit out of it before she’d left..” Haven offered, not knowing if her sister knew about the things that happened on the island that night and just prayed she wasn’t told. He was quickly proved otherwise. He sighed, a small smile on his face out of courtesy toward her sister, but it’s not like he could say anything in response to that. She knew he was wrong, he knew he was wrong, and Jesus knew he was wrong. There was no justifying anything in this room right now s he still didn’t comment. “I will,” he assured, now relieved she didn’t know the gravity of the situation, it wasn’t a good look. Another change in him, he’s noticed. He care about how he’s viewed these days. God damn you, Kemi. After Jazmine left, Haven took the seat next to Kemi’s bed, and kind of sat there awkwardly at first. He didn’t know exactly what to do, or how he felt about it all really. He knew he was upset, and he knew exactly what he had to be doing when she was well, but shit, he was still in the doghouse it seemed. When she began stirring awake, he was happy that the first thing she said was something that showed he recognized him, and then a chuckle followed his content smile because this girl cracked him up. She could’ve died yet, she was worried about her image after their little fiasco. He let instincts take over and while he reached forward and laced her fingers with his bigger ones, he said, “Eh, you still managed to look perfect. I don’t know how, but you did, so shut up,” He joked, though, he held some seriousness. Haven never really voiced this feeling but Kemi was seriously a beautiful girl to Haven. One of the most beautiful he’s seen, if not the most. Maybe he’s just bias because he loves her. Yeahhe loves her. He came to terms with that on the way here. He figured he wouldn’t do half the things he does if he wasn’t already in love, so there. That’s his theory, don’t ask about it. Haven sighed, shaking his head as he took her much smaller hand into both of his, encasing it almost as he looked into her eyes sincerely, “Kemi, you know you’re more important than anything else I have to do,” he reasoned, “don’t even say that.” He then smiled at her next phrase, and went for it, letting go of her hand and then wrapping his bulky arms around her lean frame. He leaned back only a bit to press a firm kiss to her forehead, then her cheek, “I’m so sorry,” he said in between them right before he got to peck her lips, then he hugged her tight once more. He was worried like hell on the way here, and to see her alive and well was beyond relieving. 

So maybe she wasn’t as mad as she’d thought. “Me shut up? Really? I’m in a hospital bed you should be allowing me to talk as much as I want..” She chuckled softly, wincing as it reminded her of the taped ribs she was now sporting. Lovely. His hug was welcome, as well as his warmth and for a moment she said nothing, just let herself relish in this moment, in the fact that Haven was here, after all her wishing and daydreaming- not that she’d admit to it. “W-What are you apologising for, love? You didn’t push me.” She bit her bottom lip. Who’d pushed her was an easy enough guess, though she wasn’t certain just yet. “Can you not let go?” She mumbled against his lips. She kissed him softly, her arms that had been wrappedd around him, pulled him closer, despite the complaining ache of her ribs. God she’d missed his lips, the maddening draw she had to them hadn’t dissapated over time. It seemed when it came to haven she was in it for the long run. When she pulled herself away she shifted and patted a seat next to her. “Get up here please. I’m not wearing any knickers. I’m also not having sex but you know. You can think about the knickers bit later.” She winked playfully and focused on Haven. She couldn’t think about anything else right now, even though she was sure he had questions- and knowing him concealing aspects of the truth would only work to her detriment. “Jaz…says that the police took my…ex boyfriend Marcus into custody.. I .. I’m pretty sure he pushed me, but there isn’t too much evidence. He…he tends to make..problems like that go away. Can you just..stay with me for a minute. Maybe sneak me some whiskey, and file that information away for later..? I’m only telling you so you don’t…investigate too much and get yourself hurt. Marcus…will want to hurt you anyway, and knowing you- you’ll make it worse, and I’m not trying to be hospital roomies with you.”

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