Iam alice,
I'm in wonderland..
where's the rabbit?
He is late again..
goodness gracious..
I can't wait for him..
Who has got the time?

Indie Rp

Text: Lennon Knox

Lennon: LMAO
Lennon: You're texting me at 3 am for a fucking tardis pillow
Lennon: I'm sorry, I'm sorry
Lennon: That was mean but I couldn't help but laugh
Lennon: Give me a second, I'll go check her room, I think I might have seen Maria toss it in the garbage though
Jaz: ....What's funny?
Jaz: ...Yes I'm texting you at 3 am for a fucking tardis pillow what else would i text you for? Did you think it'd be a selfie?
Jaz: I will get you back Lennon Knox. Mark my words...
Jaz: .....
Jaz: ....You think this is funny but I actually just fell off my sofa in a strange mixture of shock/ horror/ you-better-be-lying-to-me confusion...

Text: Lennon Knox

Jaz: ....I'm P. Sure Penny stole my Tardis Pillow...
Jaz: It's a little blue box shaped pillow, and she wanted to nap with it so I let her, except now it's gone m.i.a and I can't sleep without the bloody thing.
Jaz: If you dare laugh Lennon I swear to God...
Jaz: Can you just make sure my Tardis is with her thanks...

I still get nightmares. In fact I get them so often I should be used to them by now. I’m not. No one ever really gets used to nightmares.
Mark Z. Danielewski, House of Leaves (via heroincest)

car sex car sex carrrrrr sex :)

i didn’t do anything you did that to yourself :)